To ensure that the proposed development scheme responds to the existing character of the area, a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) has been undertaken by The Landmark Practice.

The LVIA was informed by a site visit undertaken in winter to identify views when the surrounding vegetation provides the least amount of cover.  The site is well enclosed by vegetation and existing development which limits public views to busy roads and short sections of the local footpath network.

Landscape Architects have provided advice to the design team to ensure that the proposed development will complement the scale of existing buildings and that the general form will be in keeping with the character of the area.  To provide a soft, gradual transition to the countryside, public parkland has been designed to wrap around the proposed housing, linking the existing North Fields Open Space to the wider countryside.  Existing trees and hedgerows on the site are proposed to be retained, with additional amenity green spaces and tree planting featured throughout the development.






Proposed Development




Sturminster Newton